When I wrote the book, I did not really explain a lot of my reasons for building this design or type of house and I ended the book with much work to go. I have been in the house for ten years now, so here are some thoughts. This house encompasses everything from living our dreams to living with solar energy and how to plaster a wall. I am not using a blog software that allows comments, so if you like it, please pass it on. If you don't like it, then thanks for coming and I hope you find what you are looking for. If there is a subject you would like me to discuss, please email me: Thanks and here we go!

A Greenhouse for Organic Gardening in the Desert
How Strong is a Straw Bale House?
Having a Wall-Raising Party!

Pex Plumbing in a Straw Bale House
Electric Wiring in Straw Bale Walls
Bugs, Critters and Fire
Handmade, Inexpensive Solar Water Heater
Building a Rainwater Collection System
Living with an Earthen Floor
Passive Solar Design
Financing and Building Your Own Home
Earthen and Lime Plaster Recipes
Cold weather! Thermal mass vs insulation
What would I do differently?-small house design

Will a strawbale house reduce your carbon footprint?
Living with Earthen Plasters
How has the house held up?
Simplicity and Natural Energies
Will a Strawbale House Make You Happier?